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            1. Suzhou jinruier electric furnace main steel strip annealing furnace processing!

              Annealing furnace hotline:

              139-1357-4375(same number on wechat)

              Jin Rui ErProduct

              The quality of the equipment is checked at all levels, and the product quality meets the relevant industry standards

              Choose Jin Ruier'sFour advantages

              It is a modern enterprise specialized in developing and producing steel strip annealing furnace for heat treatment equipment

              Application cases Quality presentation

              Seeing is believing, our intention is to let you see at ease

              Jinruier provides

              The whole process worry free


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              News and information

              Here, we can learn the real-time news of jinruier in time

              About Us

              Focus on R & D and manufacturing of heat treatment industrial furnace


              Suzhou jinruier Electric Furnace Co., Ltd

              The company integrates R &amp; D, production and sales. The main products of annealing furnace manufacturers include: stainless steel bright annealing furnace, stainless steel annealing furnace, tubular annealing furnace, steel tube annealing furnace, copper tube annealing furnace, mesh belt furnace, bell type furnace, trolley furnace, well type furnace, box type furnace, natural gas annealing furnace, aluminum alloy heat treatment furnace, oven, etc.

              Products are exported to Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other countries, as well as more than 20 provinces and cities in China.

              We always adhere to the concept of meeting customer needs and creating value for customers, the enterprise tenet of survival by quality and promoting development by science and technology, and adhere to a road of innovation and development. Through continuous improvement and strict control of product quality, we can help customers create higher value with our professional services.